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Industrias Teixidó, working towards decarbonisation.

The company’s goal is to become a carbon-neutral organisation.

INDUSTRIAS TEIXIDÓ, SA is an auxiliary company in the metallurgical industry dedicated to the mass production of parts for third parties. The products we manufacture are mainly parts for machinery used in various industrial activities in the automobile, computer, home appliance, pneumatic, hydraulic and implantology sectors, to name just a few, and are obtained from bar turning and high-precision machining.

When it comes to GHG emissions, our activity entails certain emissions, which are generated both directly and indirectly and which it is important to identify in order to adequately plan for improvements that will help us reduce these emissions.

We are aware of the importance of focusing on the electrical energy we need to consume to manufacture our products, the amount of natural gas we need to burn to provide our premises with heating and DHW, the transport and freight involved in our activity, both to provide us with raw materials and to ensure the external processing our waste, not to mention the transport required to get people working at our premises to and from their homes and their workplaces, as well as many other important aspects that need to be considered. The company has been conscious of its carbon footprint since 2017 and, since that time, we have made efforts to identify the areas and aspects of our systems that we need to work on to reduce the size of that footprint.

However, our business environment and our stakeholders require a degree of commitment that has led us to seek the assistance of experts in drawing up a comprehensive decarbonisation plan that will allow us to achieve one of our main long-term goals, that of becoming a carbon-neutral company.

Now more than ever, companies have social corporate responsibility and any measures put in place will positively affect companies’ balance sheets, as they allow them to reduce costs by optimising resources, finding electrical energy supply alternatives, etc.

At INDUSTRIAS TEIXIDÓ, SA we feel sure that this neutrality will soon endorse and ensure our continuity as trusted partners in our field of activity.