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alt Technology

Technology, with its constant operational developments, is the greatest exponent in generating value for a company. As we are aware of this, and thanks to our continued evolution, Industrias Teixidó offers comprehensive solutions by combining different techniques:

  • Turning
  • Transfer Machines
  • Chemical deburring
  • Mechanical deburring (vibrators)
  • Heat treatments
  • Grinding (centreless, with centres, special grinding)
  • Cold rolling
  • Hand turning
  • Finishes with special surfaces
  • Surface treatments
  • Special machines we construct ourselves

We are specialised in machining all types of materials: steels (stainless and carbon), aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium and other special materials, in addition to tempered materials.

Zero defects

At Industrias Teixidó we work to achieve the highest levels of excellence.

Our entire structure, from initial design of the process to shipping of the product, in addition to each and every stage of manufacture, is focused on a unique, ambitious goal: to achieve maximum quality throughout the production process.

We strive for zero defects.


We are committed to achieving sustainable development in all our industrial processes.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) we implemented in 2000, and which boasts ISO 14001 (2003) accreditation, makes management of all of our processes’ environmental impacts possible.

All of our wastewater is treated at our plant and returned to the environment completely clean and harmless.